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Ultimate Tone & Strength Bundle

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Trim down and tone up every inch of your body while also building the lean muscle mass you need to maximize your metabolic burn. The Ultimate Tone & Strength Bundle packs hard-hitting equipment to facilitate total body training in a variety of ways, so you can bust through fitness plateaus and keep crushing your fit goals. Lift heavy. Smash plyometrics. Increase stability and agility. Improve cardiovascular performance. With this bundle, you can do it all for less—and you get our best-selling Balance Trainer for FREE!  

The Ultimate Tone & Strength Bundle includes:

Sculpt Bar + 35lb plate weights (choice): Lightweight and versatile, the 5 pound Sculpt Bar can help you load up and lean out. Perfect for lifting heavy (up to 90lbs), or for use in kinetics, cardio training or stretching, the Sculpt Bar is a key weapon in your arsenal of your fat blasting, calorie scorching, muscle building gear.

Dumbbell Handles: Weighing in at 6lbs each, our dumbbell handles are gear that grows with your gains. Use them alone or load 'em up with your Sculpt Bar plate weights. Each bar showcases exceptional performance design, including a collar to lock-in plates and a solid steel handle with ridged grips for reduced-slip lifting, better form and greater results. Tech specs: 14" length, 1 1/8" diameter.

Pink Thing (Choice): Max out your resistance training with these unassuming but super amazing resistance bands. The Pink/Black Thing allows you to tap into the power of continual resistance for next-level total body sculpting and strengthening.

FREE Balance Trainer: Use to power up plyometrics for insane fat burn and lean muscle gains. Also incredible for improving balance, stability and strengthening supporting ligaments and tendons to decrease risk of injury while increasing agility, coordination and overall athletic performance.

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