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Sweatflix Natural Rubber 5mm Yoga Mat


NON SLIP: The Sweatflix yoga mat has a non slip texture to keep from sliding during your workouts 

VERSATILE: Take our portable yoga mat along to your next HIIT, hot yoga, pilates or aerobics class  
CUSHIONS JOINTS: Our 5mm yoga pad forms a thick cushion between your joints and hardwood floors 
WORKOUT STAPLE: Use the sturdy mat for post- and pre-workout stretching, floor exercises, and more 


NON SLIP  A steady base is key for maintaining focus and avoiding accidental injury during yoga. The double-sided Sweatflix yoga mat provides  maximum stability even during the most intensive HIIT workouts. The textured bottom keeps the mat in one place as you stretch. Flow  seamlessly through a vinyasa without losing your grip on the sticky pink top. At 26" x 71" (66 cm x 180 cm), athletes of all sizes will love  the security our yoga mat brings to their workouts. 

NATURAL RUBBER  Choose a yoga mat that benefits both you and the environment. Most yoga mats are made from PVC, a synthetic substance that gives  off toxic chemicals when it decomposes. Our large yoga mat is made from eco-friendly natural rubber, a renewable resource that is  more durable and provides more grip than other synthetic materials.    

VERSATILE  A yoga mat is one of the most useful pieces in your workout arsenal. The high density rubber material is designed to withstand heavy  activity like HIIT and Tabata. Keep your grip even during the sweatiest hot yoga or pilates session, or take it outside with you for a  soothing yoga flow on your lunch break. When you are ready to move onto your next class, simply roll up the portable mat and take it  with you.  

CUSHIONS JOINTS  Joint pain can keep you from enjoying even the simplest things, like walking or stretching. A well-padded yoga mat protects your joints  during your current practice so you can avoid future injury. Our 5mm yoga pad forms a thick cushion between you and the floor, so you  can exercise safely on concrete, hardwood, tile or carpet. Seal in your practice without pain with the Sweatflix yoga mat. 

Care instructions: Air out after use, and keep your mat clean and bacteria-free with BodyRock Odor Aid Spray.

Dimensions: 26" X 71" (66 cm x 180 cm)

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