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  • Sexy Ab Bundle

Sexy Ab Bundle

$229.50 $329.00


This is the ultimate bundle that will torch fat from your legs and glutes as you wear the Weighted Vest and practice your squats with the Bar on your Shoulders. Use the Sandbag for your Swings and Wood Choppers, and use the Balance Trainer to make your elevated push-ups extra tough! There is a piece of equipment in this Bundle for every single move you could make that will tone your sexy abs and core!!


Individual Benefits:

The 6 LB Weighted Vest adds resistance to your body weight training, jogging, jumping or other fitness activities without hindering movement. The breathable design offers adjustable quick release buckles, reflective stripes and a secure pocket. One size fits most.  

The Bar & Weights add resistance to your squats as well as the opportunity to Dead Lift for greater arm, core and back strength. The straight bar has the added benefits of improving your form in your squats, as you will need to keep your back straight and your movements controlled as you lift from the knees and sit as far back on your heels as possible.

The Sandbag is a core-torcher! Fill it with sand, rice, stones, or weights -- whatever is going to provide you with heavy lifts and Swings. Stand with the bag between your feet and swing it forward, or bring it up around your head in an "Around The World" move. Whatever you do with the Sandbag, if you have your max weight inside, it is guaranteed to make your abs more defined in just a few workouts.

The Balance Trainer allows a fuller range of movements when you are doing crunches or tucks. Lie on your back on the Trainer and contract your abs inwards for an extra hard workout, or place your toes on the Trainer for an elevated plank or push-up. The Trainer is sturdy yet bouncy, giving you an extra workout as you work to stabilize yourself, which works muscles and improves agility.

The Gymboss Timer is essential for doing High Intensity Interval Training on your own. The timer can be set to sequences 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for 12 reps, or any other combination you desire. Save your favorite length of reps and sets, so you can build on your endurance by adding reps over time. 

- 6 LB Teal Blue Vest

- Black Balance Trainer

- Black Sandbag

- Pink Gymboss Timer

- Straight Bar and (2) 10 lb pink weights


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