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You want bigger, more wow-worthy results, and you want to start working on them now. Well load up, because we've created a bundle to help you max out every sweat 'sesh. Featuring gear that we use to take our gains game to the next-level, the Maximize Bundle helps you get the edge on your training by equipping you with what you need to push harder, move faster and recover better.

Balance Trainer: Use to power up plyometrics for insane fat burn and lean muscle gains. Also incredible for improving balance, stability and strengthening supporting ligaments and tendons to decrease risk of injury while increasing agility, coordination and overall athletic performance.

Sandbag: Lift hard and heavy! The Sandbag allows you to load up with up to 40 pounds of adjustable resistance so you can build the lean muscle mass that fuels fat burn.

Pink Thing: Max out your resistance training with these unassuming but super amazing resistance bands. The Pink Thing allows you to tap into the power of continual resistance for next-level total body sculpting and strengthening.

3-in-1 Foam Roller: Recovery is essential for building a stronger, more sculpted body. Our 3-in-1 foam roller is your total body personal masseuse, helping to reduce pain and muscle soreness while increasing blood flow to the area, which will provide your muscles with the nutrients and oxygen they need for optimal recovery. 

Two Booty Bands: Perfect your peach with these easy-to-use and incredibly effective resistance bands. Just strap them on and work against their resistance to lift and tone your butt! 

Score all this sweet, sweaty swag for ONLY $139!

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