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Fit Friends BOGO Bundle

Vest Weights x2
Sculpt Bar x2
Balance Trainers x2
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EVERYTHING is better when you have friends. That’s why the Fit Friends Buy One Get One Bundle combines a trio of perfectly-suited gear to help you and your friend reach your goals. Just like any group of chums, this equipment brings their own unique strengths to the table, creating a dynamic and powerful fit-force with which to be reckoned. The result? A stronger, more sculpted body and, of course, a more confident outlook on life. That’s the power of good friends. 

Note: You will get 2 pieces of each gear you select here i.e Buy One Get One - BOGO. Share it with your friends and smash your fitness goals together.

The Fit Friends BOGO Bundle includes:

Sculpt Bar (of choice): Lightweight and versatile, the 5 pound Sculpt Bar can help you load up and lean out. Perfect for lifting heavy (up to 90lbs), or for use in kinetics, cardio training or stretching, the Sculpt Bar is a key weapon in your arsenal of your fat blasting, calorie scorching, muscle building gear.

Weighted Vest (of choice): Simply slip on your weighted vest to instantly increase your metabolic burn. Wear it during your workout to help build a leaner, fitter body, and wear it around the house or out on walks to burn more calories all day!

Balance Trainer (of choice): Use to power up plyometrics to score an insane fat burn and serious lean muscle gains. Also amazing for improving balance, stability and strengthening supporting ligaments and tendons to decrease risk of injury while increasing agility, coordination and overall athletic performance.

Bring home this toning, fat-torching trifecta of our best-selling gear today!

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