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Challenger Mini

Introducing the Challenger Mini!
TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Use the parallettes to exercise your whole body or target specific muscle groups 
CARDIO & STRENGTH: Move quickly between exercises for strength training with the benefits of cardio 
STABLE PLATFORM: Our dip bars have solid rubber grips for a sturdy platform 13" above the ground 
PORTABLE GYM: Take the push up bar set with you for a solid arm and shoulder workout anywhere 
HEAVY DUTY: BodyRock push up bars can support up to 300 lbs and are great for low impact exercises
TOTAL BODY WORKOUT  Kick your strength training routine into high gear with a set of Challenger Mini bars from BodyRock. Use the two purple parallettes to  work your whole body or target specific muscle groups including your core, shoulders, arms, and chest. Go at your own pace and your  own intensity level to conquer your fitness goals. 
CARDIO & STRENGTH  High-intensity interval training boosts your metabolism for hours, helping you reap bigger physical gains in shorter amounts of time.  Move quickly between exercises for full cardiovascular benefits while shredding fat. Build lean muscle and burn calories with balancing  exercises and calisthenics that work multiple muscle groups all at once. 
STABLE PLATFORM  Besides improving your physical health, a consistent exercise regimen will also boost your mood and help you to feel better every day.  Our dip bars create a sturdy platform 13" above the ground for elevated push-ups, dips, L-sits, V-sits, planches, handstand push-ups,  deficit handstand push-ups, and more. The rubber end caps and hand grips keep you from slipping during even the most dynamic  moves. 
PORTABLE GYM  When your schedule is just too packed to make it to the gym, take our lightweight mini planche bars with you to squeeze in a workout  between meetings or on your lunch break. If you feel like taking your exercises outside, finish off a trail run with a calisthenics set in the  park. You don’t need a gym to build stamina, increase strength and meet your fitness goals. 
HEAVY DUTY  Unlike other push up bars, the BodyRock Challenger Mini bars can support up to 300 lbs. They are shorter than our full-size Challenger  bars for more low impact exercises. Any time is a good time to start on your fitness journey. Jumpstart your fitness regimen today! 
Set comes with (2) signature series Challenger Mini Bars. By moving quickly between exercises you will get the benefits of both cardio, strength for new exercises or advanced. They produce a stable, dependable platform (13" above the ground) for push-ups, dips, L-sits, V-sits, planches, handstand push-ups, deficit handstand push-ups, and more.
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