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Challenger Bars & Balance Trainer Combo (Get Free Sandbag)

Challenger Bars
Balance Trainer


Buy this set of Challenger bars plus Balance Trainer & get a FREE Sandbag

SUPER SAVINGS on everything you need to start reshaping your body, and redefining your expectations. Every single piece of gear in this bundle is versatile and tough, so you can use them to sculpt exceptional total body gains and hone in on targeted training to really nail those slow to show spots.

Pink/Black Balance Trainer: Use to power-up plyometrics for insane fat burn and lean muscle gains. The Balance Trainer is also incredible for improving balance, stability and strengthening supporting ligaments and tendons to decrease risk of injury while increasing agility, coordination and overall athletic performance.

Pink/White Challenger Bars: Use the Pink Challengers for agility training, insane core conditioning and to jack-up bodyweight exercises like push-ups, dips and pull-ups. 

FREE Pink/Black Sandbag: Lift hard and heavy! The Sandbag allows you to load up with up to 40 pounds of adjustable resistance so you can build the lean muscle mass that fuels fat burn.

    It's a steal deal at €99. Hurry! Get it now.

    No promo code needed.

    Workouts not included.

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