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Burn & Build Bundle

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Pain doesn't last, but the results will! This bundle is designed to give you all the sweet, sweaty pain and gains of lifting hard and heavy. We're talking insane fat burn and lean muscle mass, improved cardiovascular health and core strength. Plus, you get BONUS workout series to help you get on the right track, right away. Master the moves with this collection of equipment, stay committed and the results are guaranteed. 

This Burn & Build Bundle includes:

Bar + 35lbs weights: Strengthen and sculpt your whole body! Our classic barbell and weights is your key to mastering the fundamental fat burning moves, like squats, lunges, deadlifts and presses. These compound moves will help you torch fat and increase your metabolic burn.

Challenger Bars: Challenger Bars are gear you'll never outgrow! From beginner to advanced, they can be used to balance, stabilize, strengthen and sculpt every inch of your beautiful bod. Decline or incline push-ups or planks, V-abs, dips, meter hops, and agility training, these bars will keep moving toward your goals.

Weighted Vest (of choice—6lb, 8lb, 10lb or 12lb): Simply slip on your weighted vest to instantly increase your metabolic burn. Wear it during your workout to help build a leaner, fitter body, and wear it around the house or out on walks to burn more calories all day!

Pink Thing: Max out your resistance training with these unassuming but super amazing resistance bands. The Pink Thing allows you to tap into the power of continual resistance for next-level total body sculpting and strengthening.

BONUS—Beginner Bootcamp Workout Series: Get in the game with Edith as she gets you in your best shape yet! This incredible series features four weeks of entry-level workouts for those who have never worked out a day in their life, are overweight, are recovering from injury, and pregnant, and seniors! Very basic workouts with no equipment required!

Ready to feel the burn (and love it!)? Bring home the Build & Burn Bundle today!

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