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Complete Home Gym Bundle

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You don’t mess around. You want to get in the best shape of your life without stepping foot in a gym, and you want to do it right. The Complete Home Gym Bundle has everything you need to increase your lean muscle mass, improve your cardiovascular health, condition your core, promote balance and stability and help you recover from your sweat sessions--and because it's bundled, you're getting it for a great price!

The Complete Home Gym Bundle includes:

Bar + 35lbs weights: Strengthen and sculpt your whole body! Our classic barbell and weights is your key to mastering the fundamental fat burning moves, like squats, lunges, deadlifts and presses. These compound moves will help you torch fat and increase your metabolic burn.

Challenger Bars: Challenger Bars are gear you'll never outgrow! From beginner to advanced, they can be used to balance, stabilize, strengthen and sculpt every inch of your beautiful bod. Decline or incline push-ups or planks, V-abs, dips, meter hops, and agility training, these bars will keep moving toward your goals. 

Sandbag (choice): Lift hard and heavy! The Sandbag allows you to load up with up to 40 pounds of adjustable resistance so you can build the lean muscle mass that fuels fat burn.

Weighted Vest (of choice—6lb, 8lb, 10lb or 12lb): Simply slip on your weighted vest to instantly increase your metabolic burn. Wear it during your workout to help build a leaner, fitter body, and wear it around the house or out on walks to burn more calories all day!

20lb Kettlebell: Increase your caloric burn and amass more lean muscle while also building better balance and strengthening your joints and ligaments. Our kettlebell brings home amazing gains, allowing you to reap the rewards of an exercise tool that combines cardio and strength training to help you feel (and look) your best.

Dumbbells + 30 lbs Weights: Perfect for building unilateral strength, our dumbbells allow you to train each side of your body separately, helping you notice and fix and muscle imbalances. This functional approach to training not only facilitates building a stronger, less injury-prone body, but also, a body that looks more aesthetically sculpted.

Stability Ball: Strengthen your entire body with our stability ball. Perfect for creating stronger joints and for condition your core, your stability ball is a cornerstone of a balanced, injury-free body. 

Yoga Mat: Sweat and stretch from the 5mm comfort of our thick, no-slip double sided and textured yoga mat. This mat will be the foundation of your floor work, giving you the space, comfort and traction you need to crush core day or chill out in Child's Pose. 

Pink Balance Trainer: Use to power up plyometrics for insane fat burn and lean muscle gains. Also incredible for improving balance, stability and strengthening supporting ligaments and tendons to decrease risk of injury while increasing agility, coordination and overall athletic performance.

2 Booty Bands: Perfect your peach with these easy-to-use and incredibly effective resistance bands. Just strap them on and work against their resistance to lift and tone your butt! 

Step Riser: Get your heart rate pumping and condition your entire body! The Step Riser is amazing for lower body moves, like step-ups and split squats, and can also be used for fat torching plyometrics like plank jacks and box jumps. Plus, you can use the step for upper body incline and decline moves, including planks, mountain climbers and push-ups. Also makes a great bench for presses and flyes!

Thermal Bottle: Our thermal bottle boasts double-wall 18/8 grade stainless steel with vacuum insulation. This sport-tech keeps your beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours. Plus, the inner wall is plated with copper for ultimate conductivity. Show you’re a member of our #FitFam, wherever you go!

Each product ships separately. Workouts not included.

Your home gym is your haven. It’s a safe place to sweat toward your stronger body, and better life. Grab our Complete Home Gym Bundle and outfit yourself for success.

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