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BodyRock Challenger Bars

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FULL BODY FITNESS: Our parallel push up bars will allow you to activate different muscles groups 

PORTABLE WORK OUT: Make the most of your space with our paralettes for gym quality workouts anywhere 

BUILT FOR STABILITY: These equalizer bars feature rubber grips and end caps for maximum stability 

HEAVY DUTY STAND: Unlike other dip stands, BodyRock parallettes are made to support up to 350 lbs 

TWO RACK SET: Each order comes with two 11 lb BodyRock dipping bars in your choice of pink or white 


FULL BODY FITNESS  When you look and feel your best, you have all the confidence in the world. It seems like you can accomplish anything. If you’re ready to  turn your workouts up a notch, it’s time to incorporate BodyRock Challenger Bars into your exercise routine. These versatile dip bars will  allow you to target different muscle groups including your arms, shoulders, back and core muscles for fat burning and sculpting  workouts.     

PORTABLE WORK OUT  Regular exercise is extremely important for overall health. But with hectic day-to-day schedules, it can be hard to get to the gym on a  regular basis. That’s where the BodyRock Challenger Bars come into play. These extremely portable 11 lb bars are perfect for busy  schedules and life on the go. At only 28.9” tall, 23.9” wide and 15.3” deep, these bars allow you to make the most of your space so you  can get a gym quality workout at home, the office or on the road.     BUILT

FOR STABILITY  Far too many equalizer bars on the market slip or rock while in use. That can make getting a proper workout even harder, not to  mention dangerous. BodyRock Challenger Bars have rubber hand grips so you don’t slip while performing even the toughest moves, as  well as rubber end caps on the feet which help to keep the equipment in place. Our bars are also designed with longer feet than many  other dip stations, which make them much more stable.    

HEAVY DUTY STAND  Unlike other dip bars and workout equipment, BodyRock Challenger Bars were created to stand up to the toughest workouts. Made  from heavy duty metal, they can support athletes up to 350 pounds. They’re perfect for everything from simple dip workouts to  balancing routines and everything in between.     TWO RACK SET  Each order of BodyRock Challenger Bars comes with two 11 pound parallettes, allowing you to set up your own workout station in no  time. Our bars also come in your choice of attractive pink or white color schemes.  

Includes Set of 2 Challenger Bars (11lbs each). This piece of equipment is built to support even our heaviest competitors, up to 350lbs. Workouts not included.

H: 28.9" (73.5 cm) / W: 23.9" (60.8 cm) / D: 15.3" (38.8 cm)!

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