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BodyRock Sculpt Bar & Weights


HOME LIFTING SET: Start weight training in your home gym with the BodyRock bar and weight plate set 
LIGHTWEIGHT BAR: The bar weighs 5 pounds and is light enough for weight training as well as aerobics 
ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS: Gradually increase your strength with 2.5, 5 and 10 pound weight plates  
RUBBERIZED PLATES: Each plate is rubber coated to protect your floors and increase your grip 
GET RESULTS: Boost your metabolism and build lean muscle by adding weights to your HIIT workout


HOME LIFTING SET  Want to incorporate more weight lifting exercises into your normal workout regimen, but don’t have the space for a power rack? The  BodyRock bar, 35 pound weight set, and weight clips set is designed to help you gain strength while saving space. It’s great for beginning weightlifters as well as HIIT veterans looking to add more of a challenge to their usual interval training. 

LIGHTWEIGHT BAR  Unless you are a dedicated powerlifter, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a 45-pound Olympic lifting bar. Our straight bar is 56  inches long, has a standard 1-inch diameter, and weighs only 5 pounds. The textured bar is light enough to use as an aerobic dowel or for kinetic movements that boost your heart rate, as well as high rep exercises to build muscular endurance. 

ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS  Adjust the intensity of your workout with up to 35 pounds of weight. Hold individual 2.5, 5 and 10 pound weight plates securely in place  with clips, or use with BodyRock dumbbells for compound exercises that gradually build up strength in your shoulders, back, hips,  biceps, triceps, and abs. Hold the weights by their handles to add even more variety to your daily workout. 

RUBBERIZED PLATES  You do not have to sacrifice your hardwood floors for gym-quality equipment. Our rubberized pink plates protect your floors from scrapes and dents. The rubber coating also resists rust, deadens sound, and provides a better gripping surface that feels better on your hands. 

GET RESULTS  Are you stuck in an exercise rut? Rediscover your motivation and start seeing gains by adding weights to your HIIT workouts. And do not worry about getting bulky - doing higher reps with lighter weights will build lean muscle while shredding fat. Build your own customized weighted interval workout to see the results you want. 


  • 5lb Straight Bar and Pair of Weight Clips
  • 2 x 10lb Weight Plates
  • 2 x 5lb Weight Plates
  • 2 x 2.5lb Weight Plates

The bar is 56" / 142 cm long, standard 1" diameter, and can hold up to 80lbs of weight. Workouts not included.


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