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March 19, 2019 4 min read

The recipe to any good weight loss plan: eat right, exercise and get plenty of sleep. There’s no way to get around this, and there’s no magic pill or formula that will allow you to cut corners. If you want to lose fat, you’re going to have to eat lots of good, clean food, exercise on the regular, and hit the hay, hardcore.

This said, you can maximise your fat loss efforts with some informed food choices. One of the most powerful? Adding a little spice to your diet! That’s right: spices for fat loss. It’s real. No, spices will not undo a crap diet, but they will give you an edge if you have a good one.

Read on. Here are the top 8 spices for fat loss.


For our first contestant, we have everyone’s sweetheart: cinnamon. Cinnamon isn’t just the perfect addition to your sweet treats; it gives a powerful punch to meats too –think jerk chicken. This savory auburn spice suppresses hunger, has ananti-diabetic effect for up to 29% reduction in fasting blood sugar levels, stabilizesblood sugars, is anantioxidant and carriesanti-inflammatory benefits; all of which help make this a savory weight loss ally.

Black Pepper

Say hello to our friend, black pepper,“the King of Spices.” A dash of black pepper has been shown toburn body fat and stop fat from forming. Piperine is what makes this black gold so unique. Add some pepper to your meals forbetter digestion of fat and carbs and for increased absorption of turmeric and beta-carotene. More bioavailability for greater health benefits!


From the king of spices to this yellow superspice! Turmeric and it’s little buddy curcumin is what makes this apowerful medicinal superspice. It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich and in one study it helped overweight individualslose up to 5% weight and took pounds off their middle when taken twice daily. Unfortunately, turmeric doesn’t absorb readily so take it with black pepper and fatty (it’s fat soluble) to increase its potency.    

Cayenne Pepper

Woah, did someone just crank up the heat? You want to boost your metabolism into hyperdrive, add a teaspoon of cayenne - just keep some water close by. Capsaicin the active ingredient, when consumed with every mealsuppresses appetite, burnsup to 16% more calories (spicy food causes yourbody temp to rise which triggers your body to cool the fire by burning calories) and cranks upyour metabolism (up to 5% faster) to convert food into energy instead of storing it as fat. 


Everybody needs someginger in their life, if you’re in need - here’s your new weight loss pal. In recent studies ginger has been attributed to a12% decrease in fasting blood sugar levels (in diabetics) and inanother study supplementing ginger sped up participants metabolisms thanks to it’sthermogenic properties (like cayenne) which equates to more calories burned and stomach flab.


Get excited over this nutty dynamo becausecumin is about to receive high praise for its mad weight loss skills. Thanks to arecent study conducted on overweight women, just one teaspoon of cumin a day will help you burn 3x more fat! Cumin alsospeeds up digestion, and it may also play a part incontrolling blood sugar levels.

Mustard Seed

Pass on the ketchup, and go for the all natural mustard - the one with all the seeds!Mustard seeds pack a one-two-punch,  just ⅗ teaspoon per day and you’llburn an extra 45 calories and boost your metabolism by 25%. Not to mention all the other amazing health perks like improving digestion!


Another thermogenic spice that’ll crank up your body temp to help you shed those unwanted pounds.Cardamom is beginning to receive attention in weight loss studies, so far what we know is thatrats fed a high-fat diet, lose belly fat. Cardamom is also useful for digestive concerns like ulcers, and with its anti-inflammatory properties and as a metabolism booster, this spice is right to help you reach your fat loss goals!

Spice Up Your Weight Loss with these Power Spices!

Add a pinch of black pepper and a dash of turmeric to your omelet or mustard seed to your dry rub and reap the double bonus of big flavor and quantifiable weight loss results. Don’t let your spices waste away, make them join forces with you on your weight loss journey and say goodbye to that muffin top and hello, to the new you! In fact, we encourage you to raise a toast to the spices in your life and to their ongoing efforts to prevent you from eating bland diet meals!

Ready to take your fat loss efforts to the next level? Ournew nutrition plan & ourSpring Break Sale offers mean that you have everything you need to start shedding unwanted, unhealthy excess fat for good.

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