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December 12, 2017 2 min read 2 Comments

12 Days of Christmas

For many women, working the upper body and chest is far from a priority. We get it, you don’t want to look bulky and your booty, tummy, and legs are yourreal focus anyway so why bother? Well, there are plenty of reasons you should be rethinking this attitude.

First, it takes a lot of effort to bulk up. If you are doing your SweatFlix workouts, using your BodyRock gear and eating well, you are going to look lean and strong, not bulky. People who want to build large muscle put dedicated physical and dietary efforts into reaching that end. Trust us, you’re safe.

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Next, if you really want to be your strongest, fittest, healthiest self, you need to be paying attention to all of your muscle groups, not just the ones that are going to make you look hot in a pair of skinny jeans. If you don’t take time to train the muscles in your chest, you run a real risk of creating an imbalance that can lead to an injury. If you strengthen your abs, back, and arms, but leave the chest alone, you may throw off your posture or be unable to do other exercises with proper form. And as we all know, the best way to get results and avoid hurting yourself is to perform your exercises with proper form.

Finally, and most significantly when it comes to your appearance, working those large chest muscles can actually make your breasts appear larger! To be clear, outside of gaining weight, getting pregnant or having surgery, there is no actual way to make your breasts larger, but strong chest muscles can make them LOOK larger. Think about it, your breasts are made up of glands and fatty tissues sitting on top of your pectoral muscles. If you build those pecs, your breasts will be lifted and appear fuller. This is true for all women, no matter their bust size. If you have tiny breasts and want fullness, this can help. If you have large breasts that are starting to droop a little, this can help you, too.

The best news in all of this is that adding chest exercises to your workout is easy. In fact, you may already be doing some of them in your current routine! Push ups, bench presses, and chest flies are all very effective in working this area. These exercises can be combined with other moves for an even greater impact. Adding a move like the C-Sit with Fly, for example, not only engages your chest muscles, it also works your core and your legs! Bonus!

It’s time to grab your BodyRock Bar and Weights, stop worrying about bulking up and push yourself towards a stronger, more balanced, bustier you!

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2 Responses

Evy Soleno
Evy Soleno

May 25, 2019

I have been with BR for 1 year. I have almost all the pieces of equipment. The BodyRock team is so helpful and Sean and Lisa along with the rest of the BR team are the best of the best!

Rhonda pelletier
Rhonda pelletier

May 25, 2019

Lisa is the best! Have been following Bodyrock for alittle over 2 yrs ?

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