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April 07, 2019 4 min read

While we should all want to have our fittest, healthiest bodies all year round, there's no denying that we tend to hone in on our bodies (and their perceived imperfections) more in the warmer months. It makes sense. More heat means more bared skin  — and we all want to feel great in that skin. So, we make promises to ourselves that this will be the year we lose the unwanted weight and rock short-shorts, bathing suits and summer dresses with confidence. But promises are worth nothing if there's no action to back them up. Your desire to lose weight is not enough to actually lose weight.

Preparation, however, can help keep you accountable, motivated and on-track. Prepare yourselfagainst failure by learning the signs of when your weight loss goals are falling by the wayside. Keep reading. Here are the 5 biggest reasons your summer weight loss goals fail.

  1. You Have FOMO

You never turn down an invite to a patio happy hour, or a backyard BBQ, or an opportunity to party with friends. If you want to lose weight, you might want to start. FOMO  — or fear of missing out — can be detrimental to yourmental and physical health, making you feel like you have to be everywhere, lest you miss out on some epic event. (Not to mention all the crap food and drinks at these events!) Even when you want and need to just relax, FOMO will have you out and about, smiling big (and fronting bigger) in those Insta-worthy pics.

We need downtime to recalibrate and recharge so that our minds and bodies can operate at prime. If you don’t take time to chill out, you’ll find yourself depressed, sleep-deprived and chronically stressed out, which can ultimatelylead to weight gain — especially aroundyour midsection. By all means, enjoy socializing this summer, but also be sure to get some quality R&R. If FOMO rears its ugly head, remind yourself you’re not missing out on anything. You’re on your way to getting your best body ever.

  1. You Overcommit

It happens to us all: we get motivated to make changes, and then get overzealous when it comes to creating our goals. In April, we vow to lose 60 lbs by June. We vow to give up sugar until September, or increase out lean muscle mass by 10% in a matter of a few weeks. We see summer lurking around the corner, and we get panicked.

Stop panicking, and start committing to morerealistic, gradual goals. Sure, you may not have abs you could do your laundry on by July, but because you’re actually sticking to the goals you’re setting for yourself, you will have more confidence, and this confidence will fuel you toward the more long-term goals.

  1. You Don't Plan

You may have the rough plan that you want to lose weight and increase lean muscle mass, but you don’t actually know how you are going to make that happen. You haven’t stocked your fridge with clean whole foods and tossed the junk out. You know absolutely nothing about healthy meal prep and meal planning. You don’t havea workout plan  — other than knowing that you should be working out. You don’t have agood quality sports bra, somefundamental exercise equipmentor even time set aside for when you will workout. You should have all of these things if you want to succeed.

Write it out and stick to it. Grab a nutrition guide and meal plan (like ours, which has over 70 recipes and hundreds of tips and tricks for fat loss). Commit to exercising a few days a week, then invest in a few pieces of awesome workout wear to make you feel amazing, andsome gear to keep your workouts fun and as effective as possible. Yes, you can get results working out in your PJs with no equipment whatsoever, but your jammies don’t offer theperformance wear of proper athletic garb (so you’ll be uncomfortable, damp and smelly) and your bodyweight won’t provide you with enough resistance to challenge you and keep you interested in the long-term (soyou’ll plateau).

  1. You Don't Workout Outside

The benefits of working outside are many, not the least of which is that thevitamin Dwill lift your spirits and keep you motivated, energetic and ready to keep sweating it out for the good gains. We also love working out al fresco because after working out in basements and living rooms and bedrooms all winter, the change of scenery is invigorating AF. Burpees get a new lease on life, and, in the shade of the trees at the park, we can even forget how much we loathe switch lunges.

Need more reasons to workout outside?Here’s 10 of ‘em.

  1. You Don't Eat Seasonally

Eating seasonal foods grown locally is a brilliant way to get your best bod. That’s right! Buying fresh, local food can actuallyhelp you slim down. One of the main reasons is because fresh, local food is grown in fresh, local dirt  — dirt that is still often on those veggies you bought at the farmer’s market. This dirt is a superb source of probiotics, which most people don’t have enough of these days since we don’t grow and eat our own food. Probiotics contribute to good gut health, and good gut health has been linked to a good metabolism. Now, don’t rush out and start eating handfuls of dirt: just keep in mind that a little dirt can help you reach your weight loss goals...and all that healthy, locally grown whole food doesn’t hurt either.

So, what’s your excuse? You have the intel, so start planning now for your most confident, sculpted summer yet.

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